Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need a hobby!

I must admit, I'm an avid "people watcher". That's not always positive because unfortunately "people" are not always pleasant (this includes yours truly). I find myself getting caught up in the monotony OR getting caught up in the boiling pot of emotions going on around me. Neither one is really good for the soul. The older I get the more I desire fewer crowds and more quiet, peaceful surroundings. I'd love to perch myself up on a tree and watch everything going on underneath my feet. This self discovery has led me to believe that I need a Hobby! I have a news flash, Facebook is not a hobby. As much as snooping in on your friends and those who you don't even call "friends", can occupy your time, you still can't identify it as a hobby. So there goes THAT idea. I'm not athletic nor am I creative, so out the window on anything with those qualifications. My husband, our kid and our very tightly woven extended family members are the light of my life but I dare not call any other humans a "hobby". There has to be something! The title of "people watcher" really is no good because then I'll start dwelling on our human fallacies and then the pissing and moaning and whining begins. All traits, I'm trying to guide our son away from.

How about this (and I'll end it here), I'll just start blogging!