Saturday, February 4, 2012

New year... Routine.... what does that mean?

I guess it's been a while. Been a little preoccupied with a busy baby who runs at full force for a majority of the day and an 8 year old growing up in to a young man faster than I can blink. After our "changes" in 2011, I was just SURE things would settle down in 2012 and get back to a routine. That was a huge misunderstanding on my part. It also could be that every time I ask for things to get back to normal and routine, God chuckles and says, "but I'm trying to change your normal!". I will have a flash of an idea and think about writing it in my blog, but then 2 days later, I'll have no clue what that idea or thought was.

This will be short, but I will share with you a sweet moment from last night that fills me with so much gratitude for the children I have. Our oldest one Nate has immensely enjoyed having a baby brother, but also has struggled with having a new sibling in the home. He was the sole center of our attention for 8 years and the change in sharing that attention can be abrupt for a kid. We try to share as much family of 4 time together as we can but spending time individually with our kids is so important. He and I bundled up in his bed last night and watched one of my favorites, "Tangled". We were both excited to just get to hang out like this. Unfortunately, with as little of sleep as I get anyway, laying in a comfy bed with a Disney movie on was about more than this tired mother of an infant could take. I felt my eyes drooping and I told him I was having a hard time staying awake and asked if it bothered him if I slept a little while. I was assured he didn't mind and the next thing I know, I hear "Mom, the movie's over". He was so content to lay up there with his sleeping Mom on a Friday night. Walt said he'd checked in on us earlier and he was snuggled right up watching the movie. Motherhood is exhausting, but great... we'll try that movie again later today and I'll try to stay awake this time. :)